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We are coming to 4th Quarter of the year. Our year 2014 is coming to the end and we are welcoming year 2015.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hectic Year End

I didn't update my diary for quite sometimes...
mmmm...not because of too lazy but just can't find time to do this.
Like the other day I mentioned to one of my friend who is asking me out for at least dinner before christmas....
I told him, I don't even have time to do my laundry and you know what????
I think I am going to be out of clean underwear to wear soon....
and his response was like .....woi!!!! why are you telling all this to a man???
My answer to him was like...wei!!! I am telling you how busy I am.....muahahahaha...
So...see you next year la...

Serious! after came back from Myanmar...I was busy bee.
Not only busy in work but also busy to 'tai chi' the scary political office drama created by one of the 'power hungry lady ghost' here. pick the wrong opponent woman!

Anyway... I don't have time to entertain her 'bloody' I just go 'open book' to my Boss and there you go , 'Da bomb'!
Game Over!

I am looking forward for Christmas and New Year!
Hope God allow me to live to see the celebration!

What is coming for 2013?
I believe God have plan for me!
I have nothing to worry....because I know I am in good hand.
Just continue my life like normal and live honestly and be thankful to God for always allow me to live another day!

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