Thursday, August 21, 2014


So easy to earn for a living??

I bet this ain't easy job to just eat dinner and party or just sit there listen to others whining or whatsoever as a companion right?
Job descriptions in details?

Just need to work one day a week to accompany people and get RM20k a month and extra tips for good service too??

Oh..... Wow!!!!!


Whatever reason...everything is own personal choice and preference.

If you are thinking to have lavish materialistic lifestyle using the expressway....just beware...No pain no gain and remember that for what ever choice you make.
One wrong turn..may lead to life long all young girls out there...please think carefully... remember your parent. You are the precious Princess to them!

Remember whichever path you decide to take....your personal life is your own responsibilities.

So think about it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


If you go to Food Republic food court at Pavillion,KL you will notice this Chef Lee's Casseroles counter. Very easy to notice one because this counter always quiet and no people queuing like others.

I decided to give a try!!!!
Look so classy ma the food. I thought the food will be more like fine dining styles and Chef Lee will cook my meal with love. WTH!!!!

It came with more like Briyani Rice set at 'The Mamaks' !

I look inside to the counter and only see a group of Bangla and other foreign workers. Oh! not Chef Lee's love but the Bangla love instead. OMO!!!!!

Anyway the counter girl also foreigner....look like Myanmar girl. But the slang like Philippines. Oh Whatever!!!

After quick discussion with chingu and both decided to share one set of Chicken + Rice  + Starch which cost us RM14.90.

I asked the girl is the food hot?
Must ask ma...since that food look like ready made and displayed like 'Chap Fan'.
That girl said...its hot!!!
OK ok ...I believe you. If its hot you should have a courtesy to put in microwave...right??? right???

There are two types of rice one white and the other reddish. So I ask the girl what is the ingredient and she replied me the white one with small onion and the reddish one with big big onion.

Chinggu was like....huh???? one small and one big onion???
Me dumbly confirming the girl reply with know one use that small onion ...mmmm..shallots and the other one with that big yellow onion....maybe????

Ahhhhh!!! whatever!!! let us just eat huh????

I am so disappointed because the food is far from warm.WTH!!!!!
So bad!!! served me with this cold food.

The turmeric chicken you see in the photo I tasted the gravy and it damn salty!!!!

Old Ajumma saying...if somebody cook the food salty means...that fella are ready to get married. That fella feel shy to tell so make the food saltier lor.... well that was the Ajumma saying that I know. How this relevant to this salty chicken gravy.....kekekeke I don't knowwwww..... I just write in only...duh!!!
The rice was ok but I wish it served hot and the starch was ..mmmmm...just so so lor!
Whatever it is still feel thankful for the meal!
Ya with the one no food or can't afford to have such meal...I should not complaint too much!!!!!

I repent God!

While eating...ooooppppssss!!!!

Me : Chingu ! I think ar when that girl said the white rice with small onion and red rice with big onion ar....she mean one with more onion and one less onion right???? She don't mean size of onion..

Chingu : You just thought about it ar???? Haiyoooohhh!!! so slow one ar suddenly???

Me : Chehhhhh!!! should have told me ma just now!!!! I totally wanna unfriend you!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Getting Rid of Everything Rotten in my Life?

GET RID ALL THE ROTTEN thing around me and move forward are not easy task!!! Yeahhhh!!! if letting go is an easy task then no stress exist....right??? Especially when I already reached at mid level and experienced many things to be at who I am right now....letting go is the biggest decision in life.
Make it more dramatic...matter of LIFE AND DEATH!!!!
So serious...mehhhh????
When it comes to life????
I am wide awake and conscious on surrounding... and suppose to be in controlled to my own life.
Of course its serious!!!!

When it comes to death???
Fear of death...may be...because don't know what to expect!
My death time is not up to me to am not in control of that! long as I don't harm others and be a good human in this life...the rest I leave it to God!

Age never come back. Example who have chance to be at 23 years old twice??? Mad! If you can be at 23 years old twice means you are TIME TRAVELER! Is that possible??? Hard to say! Whatever it is none of us can fight with destiny and all of us only have ONE CHANCE in life!!!!
You miss this ONE CHANCE then thats it!!!
Of course none of us can change our destiny!!!
But I always need to try my best in life??? Right????

To me right now to be happy I need to let go many rotten things around me!

To be able living a life free of rotten things in life requires me identify and face my fears and then overcome them. One word...I need to be FEARLESS!

I need to face it : Fear is one of my most powerful emotions and on of my greatest motivators. Especially when my emotions play a significant part in my decision making. Most of the time trying to weigh the balances of my decisions, considering consequences of my behaviors and then tend to evaluate what may happen to me if I change the way I live my lives!

I am afraid of two things :


Haisshhhh!!!! I bet not only me facing this moment in life. Most of us are facing this too.

Seriously, all of this mental energy creates real feelings and it often influence my decisions and lives!

I only have one chance to live so all I need to do now is to confront my fear and make it my friend. Then try to understand that my little fear can make my life more exciting!

Aja! aja! FIGHTING!!!!


PSSSSTTT!!!! too many beauty review and workshop so today...attending GST seminar at KL Sentral. Back to serious Professional mode today!!!

Monday, August 18, 2014


I was selected to attend Anti-Ageing Workshop collaboration of  The Women's Weekly Magazine with Melvita (french organic beauty care brand). The workshop was held at Lavender Bakery and Cafe near One Utama last Saturday.

I learn about how to counter the phenomena of "inflamm-ageing" a silent form of skin ageing.

All of us are going through ageing my ambition is to age gracefully not to age

Melvita Skincare taught me how to anti age my lifestyle to look and feel younger for longer period using their newest organic anti-ageing range, Bio-Excellence Naturalift.

Melvita anti-ageing series does not use harmful chemicals,synthetic fragrances or colouring.

There are 3 products under this Bio-Excellence Naturalift -Patented Innovation and Non Comedogenic.

Key Ingredients a patented bud complex - beech, pine, blackcurrent and raspberry plant extracts work together to give skin the tools its needs to fight the effects of skin ageing caused by inflamm ageing.

1.  Organic Youthful Day Cream (40ml) RP:RM208
Powered by the exclusive bud complex which the ingredients includes shea butter,rye,oat and hibiscus to soften lines and wrinkles.

 Apply this every morning on cleansed face and neck, to help skin strengthen its natural defenses

2. Organic Youthful Eye Contour (15ml) RP : RM170
This item are formulated with the firming and protective bud complex and thanks to a potent combination of bud complex, plankton and rice powder- this eye cream can help to diminish dark circles.
Wait!!!! don't get into conclusion yet....IMA inheritance dark circle are not included and Melvita did gave me other solution to just reduce the dark circle. isk isk isk

Apply this morning and evening lightly patting around the eyes from inner to outer corner.

3. Organic Youthful Night Cream (40ml) RP:RM225
 While we are sleeping this rich cream will helps to comforts skin and plumps up wrinkles and fine lines since it is enriched with evening primrose.

Apply to a perfectly cleansed face and neck.

We were served with great delicious brunch by Lavender Bakery and Cafe while having fun experience all Melvita products presented to us. Happy Saturday for all ageing Ajumas !!! kekekeke.

I got to spin the wheel and received a surprise gift!!!
IMA won travel size bottle of Melvita Spray Rose Floral Water. Totally in love with this product because it smells so refreshing!

Melvita's Beauty Routine -

1st Step - Cleanse 

* Remove makeup with floral bouquet softening cleansing milk
* Complete double cleanse with floral bouquet gentle cleansing jelly
* Remove eye makeup with bouquet floral eye make up remover

Wallllaaaahhh!!! your face cleaned from all those layered of dust, pollution and make up!

2nd Step - Tone

* Tone and Soften skin with a few drops of Rose Extraordinary Water

3rd Step - Prep

* Spray Rose Floral Water to instantly rehydrate and prep skin for optimum Beauty Oil and Moisturizer absorption.

4th Step - Eye Care
(remember always apply your eye cream or gel before any serum and moisturizer)
* Apply small amount of Bio Excellent Naturalift Youthful Eye Contour around the delicate eye areas

5th  Step - Treat

* Warm drop of Rose hip oil on your palm before damping and massaging it on the face.

6th Step - Moisturise

* Apply small amount of Bio Excellence Naturalift Youthful Day / Night Cream to nourish your skin

7th Step - Protect

* If you are going out complete the beauty ritual with Rose Nectar BB Cream SPF15 to even skin completion.

IMA tried all this products on that day!!

Melvita products smells too delicious and refreshing because they are full of natural ingredients.

- The workshop begins with welcome address by The Women's Weekly ,Marketing Manager , Miss Neena Dewi.

- A presentation on Bio Excellence Naturalift range by Coco Lee (generic Coco Lee ya...not the Singer one, k). Miss Coco Lee is Melvita MY Trainer. She presented to us the skincare tips and full step skincare experience.

IMA with bare face before and after using the Melvita Skin care beauty regime.
Then have photo session with Miss Coco Lee at Melvita Boutique , One Utama and she generously present me with Melvita Nectar Brightening Eye Contour Serum for my obviously darken dark circle. Thank you so much!!!

Every Ajumas walk away with RM240 worth of goodies bag. Happy!!!!!

I checked out my bag and I received :

Nectar Bright Series which is :
* Brightening essenses even-toned coplexion
* Brightening Exfoliation Mask
* Brightening Cream Luminous Complexion
* Rose Extraordinary Water
* Narcisse Extraordinary Water

Last but not least IMA gotten Damask Rose Floral water and Rose Hip Oil which redeem with generous voucher in goodies bag.

More information please visit Melvita official website :

Back home - IMA read this story book from Melvita about The Bee Who Spoke. Really love this bedtime story by Al MacCuish.

From this book - " La Nature est bien faite " which means " A place and a purpose for everything- that's the beauty of nature "

Life is full of happiness if we live it in a happy way!

Opppsss!!!! Melvita presented us with great organic recipes to try at home too.
 All from Belle and The Bee's secret kitchen by Melvita!

Have a good working week everybody!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014


photo credit MINOZ FB

Let us jump up and down...yeay!!!! yeay!! yeay!!!!
Osim is bringing Lee Min Ho to Malaysia this 28th September 2014.

Lee Min Ho that hot guy from Boys Over Flower, City Hunter, The Great Doctor aka Faith, City Hunter, The Heir and recent movie Gangnam Blues....
He is one of the top 20 hottest South Korean Male Celebrities and also a recipient to prestigious awards such as the Most Popular Star Award in the SBS Drama Awards and Best Actor Award at the Korea Drama Festival.
Don't know ar???
mmmmm... this means you are not a MINOZ and not South Korean Drama addict!

Lee Min Ho is OSIM latest ambassador for OSIM uDiva!!!!

photo cr Osim fb

Lee Min Ho was here last June 2013 and if you missed the opportunity to meet him in person then .....THE TIME IS NOW!!!!!

You stand a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet Lee Min Ho when he comes to Malaysia.
Awwwww!!!!! so super excited!!!!!
Thanks to OSIM to give this chance to all super duper lucky Malaysian ladies!!!!

The OSIM uDiva Love Confessions contest will provide lucky fans to meet and interact with this HOT GUY LEE MIN HO in person.
Damn!!! I am fainting to the ground....with just his 'killer' smile!

How to participate????

Lee Min Ho's fans can find more information at OSIM outlets across the nation.

What are you waiting for???? Go like OSIM's Facebook page now!!!!

Damn!!!! he is HOT!!!!

Min Ho ya!!!!! I wonder how you look like when you get older????

Suddenly, I disturb all those beautiful imagination...huh? wakakakaka