Friday, October 17, 2014

Busan Again

This is my first time blogging use my samsung phone.
Very challenging for ajumma like me.
I am currently at Jeju Airport boarding for Busan again.

Too many human here at airport. headache! 

I wish to extend my Jeju trip. There are many places I haven't visit. Isk isk isk

I am flying back to Malaysia on 19 Oct evening flight.

Full blogging session on Busan - Jeju - Busan - KL once I reach.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


Bye Bye Malaysia...IMA  will be in Busan , South Korea!!!
Expecting to land on 10th October 2014 morning.

I will come back soon....when I feel enough to be here...... can it be enough???

Shall I find one Korean lover???? wink wink...hihihihihihi
No need lover but the best Chingu will do!

My Seoul BFF aka Chingu are joining in later part of my trip to celebrate my birthday here.
Plus....Chingu will be driving me around in JEJU. WTH!!!!
Ahhhhh... 'Jinjja yeh yo' Chingu????
Since Chingu is not a Chaebol....aegoooo!!!!! so Chingu said no sports car like Gu Jun Pyo in BOF and said this Malaysian Jan Di need to settle with smallest and cheapest car.

So I no need to hire driver....HAPPY ME!!!!
Chingu said this is birthday treat!!!!

Yeah!!! I will be celebrating my 40th birthday in Busan.

Aegooooo!!! Saranghae!!!

Chingu's Agassi!!!! Mian hae....wink wink...

Anyway.....IMA will be busy exploring every alley in Busan and every jungle and beaches in Jeju do Island.
Though the internet connection is SUPER SONIC fast here....IMA still don't feel like updating blog.
IMA too obsess admiring new country!

Blogging world....don't miss me too much. I will be back soon with many interesting updates!

Don't forget to subscribe to my blog to get fast updates on my whereabouts!!!!

Travel like I don't need to work to earn for living...for time being...haisshhhh!!!! lucky me!!! working so hard to pay off for this with my blood,sweat and tears money !

Pray for the best  and safe trip for me....Nice knowing all of you!

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Received a Liebster Award from Elana Khong.
I really don't know what to do with this.
I am not sure what is this all about because I don't really pay attention on this.

Anyway, thank you to Elana for this!
I am glad to know you!

What is Liebster Award?
Google le....
Liebster means Dearest in German.
This Liebster Award is sort of chain game among blogger who nominated each other to help increase each blog traffic.
Once you get nominated you need to nominate at least 8 favourite bloggers.

There are unofficial rules when receiving this award....IMA accepted this blindly..

Singing Henry song, I'm Trap! I'm Trap!

1. Thank you who has nominated you and post link to their blog.
2. Display the Liebster Award on your blog
3. Answer 11 questions about yourself given by the blogger who has nominated you
4. Provide 10 random facts about yourself
5. Nominate 8 - 10 blogs with less than 300 followers that you feel they deserve the Liebster Award
6. Create new sets of Questions for your nominees to answer. At least 10 questions.
7. Post the rules on your blog
8. Tag your nominees so they know that they are receiving the award from you

Elana's Questions to me.

1. Who and what inspire you to start blogging?
- I inspire myself. WTH! I just need space to rant. I find it less fun to write in traditional diary so I opt for online diary aka blog.

2. What and which event you have sweet memories and enjoyed the max?

- I enjoyed in most event.

3. What and which event that you don't enjoyed and feels like its a waste of time?

- anything related with sales pitch event. Hate that very much!

4. You think you look best in which color?

- Yellow and Pink

5. Would you see yourself going vegetarian someday/in future?
- YES. I am working towards vegetarian.
6. What's the one thing you hate about my blog and how may I improved it?
- The layout. Your header photo over expand.
7. What's the one thing you like about my blog?

-  You post. Update it daily so I can be nosy and comment...hehehehe

8. Which sport do you like?

- not sporty person. But I try to work out though

9. What do you think of Facebook vs Instagram?

- not really into it. So I don't bother much!

10. Are you a coffee drinker? If you are, which cafe you think serve the best coffee?

- Coffee one cup every morning. I remember drank the best black coffee in Hoh Chin Minh!

11. Cats or dogs?


 You better don't laugh....WTH!
1. Crazy over Korean Drama
2. Dreaming about being in love with Chaebol for the whole life.In real fact , I am not!
3. I wanna be vegetarian by age 45 years old.
4. I am trying to lose 5kg since 2 years ago...
5. I hate driving and I hate others to drive me too.
6. I am rigid and not flexible! 
7.I wanna be travel writer
8. Most of my daily meal are Korean influence.
9. I am not a caring person. I care only about myself. People say this is selfish attitude. I still have heart despite not being so caring. Its just sometimes I forgot to care about others since I live alone for too long now. WTH!
10. psssttttt! don't think I am a pervert but Jung II Woo my pretty favourite boy always appear in my sweet dreams. Too bad since IMA have bad insomnia so it is very hard to have such sweet dream. WTH!

 I told you...not to laugh!!!! turn to nominate blogs I am following. I am not sure whether they will accept my challenge. I wanna get to know them better and I wanna be friend with them. Finger cross for them to accept my friendship !!!!!

PSSSTTTT!!!! you can write in Chinese. Trust me google translate helps me a lot!!!!


1.  Describe yourself in 3 words?

2  If you could have one wish granted, what would you wish for? Why?

3. When is the happiest moment in your life?

4. List 3 things you wanna achieve before you leave this world?

5. What is your favourite food?

6. What is your favourite color?

7. 3 things you must bring with you when you out from home?

8. If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

9. List 3 things your like when you visit my blog?

10. What is your perception about my personality when you read my blog?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


You are trying to lose weight but craving to eat delicious chocolate chips cookies???
I found this recipe at
This is healthy protein soft cookies.

You don't need any flour or eggs and you don't need to bake this cookies.

All you need are 3 ingredients

Yes!!!! you read it right. Just 3 ingredients for this delicious healthy soft cookies.

Ingredients :

* Chickpeas in can
* Peanut butter preferable the organic one. (I use the crunchy peanut butter since I wanna munch)
* Dark Chocolate Chips ( you can opt this with prunes or any other dried fruits or even other nuts)

 How to make this yummy pack with protein soft cookies?

Can of chickpeas put into food processor.
You don't have food processor?
Just mash this with back of spoon! 

There you go...mash it until it become like this...
I like chunky cookies

Put the chickpea dough in a bowl and then mixed with peanut butter. I use 170g chunky peanut butter. Mix it together in a bowl.

Then add in dark choco chips and mix it.

You then can shape whatever you like with your cookies dough. I just make it into this small mini balls. Then chill the cookies in your freezer for 10 minutes and wallahhhhhhhh....your delicious peanut butter and choco chips soft cookies ready to eat.

You don't have to worry about chickpea taste or whatsoever because you can't even taste or smell the chickpeas. The peanut butter cover it all. 

I pop up this cookies before my work out. Its full of protein and the most important low in calories!

Happy trying!!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I always worry about being on the high risk side whenever I drive back to my home town.
4 hours driving on the highway with all those reckless fast and furious drivers, sleepy head lorry drivers, the big gigantic conqueror bus drivers.....really make me feel so scared to death.

I normally go back early in the morning because I hate the heavy traffic and I cannot drive under the hot sun. I can't drive at night too because I have bad vision!
isk isk isk ..IMA have many limitations...aging woman driver on the road!

I have no choice....because my parent live up to the north side and I need to visit my old parent! isk isk isk ...not easy to full fill my duty as responsible daughter!

When I was driving back to the north on Saturday early morning, I encountered many reckless drivers whom I guess their house or home town got wheels and they are in the midst of chasing their runaway house! WTH!
They drove fast on the emergency lane and suddenly cut in out of sudden. Well...emergency lane is for cars or anybody to use when they have emergency. This lane sometimes have stop car or lorry. So this chaser drivers will suddenly cut in immediately to avoid this. 
IMA will end up go..OMO OMO OMO and most of the time the extreme alert state and IMA's neck will be bloody stiff because of stress. You need to stay focus all the time and really stress me up!

IMA encounter lorry driver, who drove the lorry to others lane out of sudden because the bloody irresponsible driver is playing with his phone. WTF!!!

Lucky, IMA reached hometown safely and doesn't get caught on the heavy jam due to fatal accident at the IPOH Tunnel last Saturday. IMA just reached home town when heard about the fatal accident!
R.I.P!!!! to the innocent victims...I am really speechless to the reckless one!

IMA admit death and life is our own destiny...but human ignorant and careless really play big part on causing others big problem too.

IMA's car almost got thrown up to the side, while driving back to KL this morning. There was this driver who drove his car super sonic fast and when over took IMA's car. Serious!!!!! feel like a gigantic bus over taking but it just a car!

Too many cars, lorries and buses who drove on the middle lane and flashing the high beam light as if IMA at the fast lane. Beh tahan wei!!!!
So you thought I am driving very damn slow hor???
IMA follow the rule strictly.
Yes..the speed limit at highway is between 100 - 110km/h.
IMA was driving at between 90 - 100km/h on the middle lane...seriously...feel like middle finger wanna be up when those stupid idiotic drivers did that to me. 
Am I suppose to drive at the slow lane with this speed??? wanna be fast???? Go fast lane la....*#!?!

To all reckless and super fast and furious drivers!!!!
You wanna die???
Die alone...don't drag others to your suicidal scheme!!!

So stressful!!!!

Parent don't want to move to KL...isk isk isk..airport to far from hometown. 
Take Bus????
So unreliable and not safe too!
Let others to drive???
isk isk isk ...IMA don't trust others too!

Ah! full of risk!!!!!

I always feel so relief, every time I reach to my destination after long driving...phewwwwwww!!!!
Every time...whenever I am back thought will be...ahhhh!!! not my time yet!
The horror of driving back home town facing all those idiotic unscrupulous drivers..really really haunt me! isk isk isk ...this world ain't safe and people are getting mad and crazier!!! 

Friday, October 3, 2014


My dearest Elana Khong extended beauty workshop invitation to me again.
Thanks Elana! You can visit Elana at her blog

This time we have a great afternoon delight experiencing 3 beauty brands; namely EVELOM , PERRICONE MD and TALIKA at SVAGO,Suria KLCC.


- created 28 years ago by Eve Lom herself, a world's leading facial therapist. She believes that a foundation to a beautiful skin starts with deep and thorough cleansing. This is the key to a radiant complexion.


- Talika is unexpected discovery in 1948 and its mission to develop and formulate beauty products to meet the expectation of every woman. Each Talika products lies a story , based on discovery, science and intensive research and with clinically proven results.

Talking about Talika....I just wrote about it last week on their Eye Detox Gel. You can visit my last month post on how to diminish black eye and puffiness here,


- created 16 years ago , 'The Science of Aging Beautifully' with nutrient anti oxidant based formulation develop by Dr Nicholas Perricone.
The leader in anti aging skincare offering non invasive alternatives to maintain beautiful skin through our Forties, Fifties and beyond.

This is Rebecca , the beauty trainer for this event. She guided us through the simple steps of creating radiant look with these 3 Brand products.

All ladies are so anxious to try out the products!

Now...everybody take off that BB Cream, CC Cream and foundation from each face...Oh no!!!!! Horror scene!!!!!! OMO!!!!!! 
Thank God!!! IMA don't use thick make up!

Step 1 : CLEANSING with EVELOM Cleanser

 See the texture of the product on my palm?

Function :-
* Make up cleanser, Cleanses , Tones , Decongest
Then exfoliates with EVELOM MUSLIN CLOTH.

Product ingredients :

* Clove oil's antiseptic properties which encourage clear skin 
* Eucalyptus oil which helps to decongest
* Hop oil tones
* Egyptian Chamomile to calm and sooth skin
* Cocoa butter to soften and condition the skin

Make sure you cleanse with warm water for better effect!!!!! Whoa!!!! refreshing and face feel lighter and clean.  I really love the Eucalyptus refreshing!!!!


 Why call it spring clean??? We tried out mask onto our face.


- This one suitable for oily skin and this is mud based mask.  
It helps :
* Deeply cleanse
* Decongest pores
* Absorbs excess oil
* Helps improves tired skin
* Brighten dull skin
* Minimize puffiness
* Reduce uneven skin tone
* Leaves skin glowing

I did a review on GlamGlow Youth Mud Mask and this one is the same tingling effect. You can check out my review on the other mask here.


- This one is suitable for dry skin because its gel based products and very soothing effect onto your skin.

It helps :
* Restores moisture levels
* Increase moisture
* Promotes long lasting hydration and prevent future skin dehydration
* Protect the skin from environmental attack!

I tried both. I applied EVELOM RESCUE MASK on my 'T' Zone area and the rest I applied the MOISTURE MASK.

Tips : If you have big event the next day...apply this mask to stimulate circulation , reduce puffiness and leave your skin look radiant.


* refresh & relax eyes area
* Helps to diminish dark circles and eyes puffiness

* This product helps to regenerate new tissues
* Helps to minimise wrinkles depth and length

Use this eyes product with helps of CREAM BOOSTER DEVICE.
IMA got the chance to use this device which vibrates and helps delivers active ingredients to the target zone. It also helps to stimulate production of collagen and activates cell activities.


- helps to addresses 10 visible signs of aging and helps to deliver essential daily nutrition for healthy complexion.


- this product helps to firm up, tones and tighten the skin
- minimise deep lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity and brighten up skin appearance.

We were told to apply cold plasma on one side of face with special technique lymphatic massage then use High Potency Amine Face Life with another lifting massage technique.

Then IMA have experience to use Light Duo+ device to treat anti aging benefit. This device helps to get the nutrient further underneath skin. IMA so Happy weiiiii!!!! This device to expensive to own one. Haissshhhh!!!!

Can see the different!!!! one side totally up lift and look younger weiiiii... then of course cannot be go back home with one side up lift face right???? So ...complete the other side too le...The lady next to me much older than me, I guess and seriously...hers have really outstanding effect when she applied at one side of her face. Awesome!!!! Price also damn awesome weiiiiii!!!!

FINAL STEP to have Radiant and Youthful look


Since its day time so IMA try that No Foundation, Foundation le. WTH!
Foundation or no foundation?
Well the color like foundation but the effect is not like CC or BB Cream in term of color. It doesn't cover up all those spots yo! But it full of protection for your beautiful face ladies!!!!! Despite it Fishy Smells....yeahhhhh the lady opposite me jokingly said...Ah! nobody wanna kiss me after this..isk isk isk. 

This product delivers powerful anti ageing benefit with DMAE and alpha. It also contains Lipoic Acid and helps to correct under tones and provides natural dewy finish and full of vitamin C. Most important it protects with non chemical sunscreen SPF30!

Unlike this Foundation , No Foundation which smells like fish ..IMA tried the nightime moisturiser...and it sweet Rosy smells. Love it!!!!

All ladies admiring each new youthful and radiant look. Tap tap on bouncy skin...scan to the left to the right and on top and bottom...ahhhh!!! 

Lady : 'Mirror mirror in front, Who is the most youthful and radiant among all this ladies'
Mirror in front : ' Haishhhh!!! since you are the one who is asking...mmmmm... of course you leeeeeee!!!' mirror huh!

photo credit to Grace the gorgeous lady with long side braided!
....and now selfie time and all without BB or CC cream but just Foundation , No Foundation...ah! don't worry we don't smells like fish. As you see all of us so sweet like!

Behind from left is Sherry, Elana, Mira, yours truly in GREEN and Grace.
All these bloggers friend and all of us from Butterfly Community!

This is some of delicious food sponsored by Svago, Suria KLCC . Oh! there are more food but IMA lazy to wait since IMA is dying to go back soonest possible. Parking so bloody expensive at KLCC wei!

Where is Svago?
Exit from Dome. Then walk to your right and Svago just next to Starbuck. Nice place to fine dine or wine dine.

I love this because to put in Egyptian Cotton Cloth for face cleanse in this bag. Love it it...totally love it!

All ladies...happily bring back these goodies from sponsor. 

Have a good weekend all!!!!

IMA driving back to home town tomorrow morning and next week will be my busy week ahead too!!!

Selamat Hari Raya Aidi Adha to all Muslim Friends!!!!!!